• Checkoin
    The Solana Education Token

    Checkoin is exclusively minted when a verified student completes a course. Earn Checkoin by learning, creating, or buying a Checkoin Token Certificate (below)

    Outstanda Solana Learn & Earn

How to Earn Checkoin

Checkoin is Minted when Earned via Learning

Complete Outstanda Courses
Help Produce Courses
Buy Checkoin Token Certificates

When a Course is Mastered

  • Student Earns Checkoin
  • Teacher Earns Checkoin
  • The School Earns Checkoin
  • Production Team Earns Checkoin
  • Checkoin Token Certificate Owners Earn Checkoin

Limited Certificate Supply

Edition #1 $25 Each
$25 $50 $100 $500 $1000

About Checkoin Token Certificates

Checkoin Token Certificates are a form of Crowdfunding. People who believe in improving education buy certificates. When the system if fully operational, certificate holders will earn Checkoin. This may be very lucrative, but is also risky. The low cost of the certificates make it easy to participate without risking more than is comfortable. 1st Edition is $25 per certificate, 60,000 available.


Checkoin Token Certificates earn even shares of the Checkoin when students complete courses. (.08 per 1 Student Checkoin)

  • No Crypto Needed
  • Earnings Held For You
  • Solana
  • Blockchain Contract


Building a FinEd Ecosystem that rewards learners and visionaries in education. Checkoin will be widely distributed and predictable.

  • Curriculum
  • Software
  • FinTech
  • Blockchain Integration

Checkoin and blockchain technologies are very new. While Checkoin may gain in value, Checkoin and Checkoin Token Certificates are not an investment. They are tools to help improve education. Only contribute because your support our education goals and can afford to contribute. Consult your own financial advisor if you have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do Checkoin Token Certificates Work?

    One Checkoin Token Certificate represents a single share of the 8% of Checkoin generated for certificate owners when a student completes a course and earns Checkoin. This is a Solana Token Cryptocurrency. It is held for owners until they set up their own wallet to recieve currency. This is easy to do and there is no requirement to ever do it, although funds will just be held indefinitely until transfered.

  • What Will Checkoin Be Worth?

    Our plan is different from other Cryptocurrencies. The goal is not to drive up the value with false scarcity. Instead, we issue more Checkoin as it is earned and becomes more widely adopted. With a predictable growth model and wide adoption, Checkoin will have value because of widescale use globally. The free market will decide the value once traded in financial marketplaces. We believe it will be the global currency of choice for commerce.

  • Can I Sell My Checkoin Token Certificate?

    Yes. Once your certificate is minted as an NFT in the Solana Blockchain, you may give it to someone or sell it. Any Checkoin payments go to the verified wallet that holds the Checkoin Token Certificate NFT.

  • Can I Get Checkoin Without Cryptocurrency?

    Yes. When you buy a Checkoin Token Certificate (or earn Checkoin through other means) it is held in a hybrid system. Within the system people will be able to use it on future things, more like Credit Card Miles. However, to exchange the currency for another, it needs to be moved to the blockchain. While still in development, it will be fairly easy to set up a wallet and transfter your Checkoin and certificates to your wallet after verifying your email and logging in with your wallet. But remember, we hang onto everything for you until you decide you want to do this.


Earn Checkoins When
Students Complete Courses

  • Education Crowdfunding
  • Recurring Checkoin Earning
  • Buy / Sell / Give Certificates
  • Supports Global Curriculum

Limited Checkoin Token Certificates

Edition #1 $25 Each
$25 $50 $100 $500 $1000

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